Opportunities for You to Serve!


Interested in volunteering at Thr3e?

We’re looking for young people who love serving others and making a fun environment for everyone. It’s a fun way to to socialize with others and learn people skills on the job! Complete your community service hours and Serve others before or after school.


Let Us Make You One of Our Favorites —


Blue Raspberry Sunburn with Redbull & Cream

A redbull sunburn with Blue Raspberry flavoring and a little cream added to bring down the fizz.

Raspberry Sunburn

Our classic full throttle sunburn with Raspberry flavoring.

Zebra Mocha

Espresso, milk, white and milk chocolate together to create the ultimate sweet tooth craving.


Iced White Chocolate Americano

Espresso shots mixed with White chocolate and poured over ice, with some water added and a splash of cream on top for the finish.

Iced Peach Green Tea

Our Green Tea poured over ice and chilled with peach flavoring added for a little sweetness.

London Fog

Hot Earl Grey Tea with some Vanilla flavoring, and some steamed breve added on top for a creamy finish.


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