Our Ministry

Above everything else we do, ministry comes first. We are about serving people. There are a lot of things we do and many ways you can help if you’re interested. 


Partner With Us

We partner with the church and donate a percentage of our tips to help those in need. We help and donate to a different organization every few months as well as school programs or clubs for schools as well as the High schools. Feel free to stop by and ask which organization we’re helping support today.

There are many opportunities to help or support organizations yourself. The church alone has many different outreaches you can be a part of. Some of the outreaches and ministries include, the Community Meal, Freezing Nights, F.I.S.H Food Bank, St. Frances House, Helping Hand House, and LOVE Inc. Stop by today and we can tell you how you can help and make a difference today.

Want to partner with us? Stop by today and ask us if we can help donate to your cause or organization. We can help you in many different ways. We can donate a percentage of our tips, create coupons for your organization to come by and get a discounted cup of coffee, you can always book and rent the coffee shop to host a gathering for yourself or organization. Or we can even let people know about serving opportunities for those who want to help or be a part of your cause or organization.