Volunteer, Serve Others, and Make A New Friend

We’re looking for young people who love to serve others and create a fun environment for everyone.


Are you a Puyallup High School student and interested in volunteering at Thr3e? 
Volunteering at Thr3e will provide you with the opportunity to learn hospitality, socialize with others and gain communication skills, while learning the job. You will recieve great work experience to put on your resume when applying for jobs after high school. 

Whether you are trying to complete your community service hours or are just looking for a before or after school activity, we always need student volunteers who want to help out. We especially need people who want to work before or after school. However, if you’re available during the day, let us know, we would be happy to have you come and help out. 

If you think this is the right match for you, please feel free to fill out and sign the volunteer application and turn them into the staff. See you soon!

Are you a community member looking to get involved or wanting to volunteer? 
We also have many adults and church members who love to give us a helping hand throughout the day. Stop by today and see how you can join our team and help volunteer.

Fill out the form below to volunteer with us!

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